Can you feel the nip in the air? Before you know it, snow will start to fall, and your road to work will become icy. That can make for some pretty tricky commutes to Cincinnati and Centerville. Winter can definitely do a number on your Lincoln if you aren't prepared. That is why when Old Man Winter starts to enter the picture, you need to visit your friends at the Beau Townsend Lincoln of Dayton Service Center.

When it comes to getting your Lincoln ready for the Springboro Winter, there is no team better. They know what the season holds in store and how it can affect the components of your Lincoln. Is your oil the right texture to keep moving in freezing temperatures? Do you have quality windshield wipers to give you a great view of the road ahead? Are your tires equipped to handle the treacherous roads? Can your battery withstand the tests of the season? These, and more, are things our team takes into consideration when preparing your Lincoln for Winter.

Your tire's tread depth is a great indicator of how your driving could go this winter. Do your tires have enough tread to properly grip the streets of Dayton when the snow starts to pile up? Could you use some winter tires? Our service team's tire experts can help determine whether you need a new set of tires or if a simple rotation will get you through the winter.

Did you get your oil changed this summer? Your Lincoln will definitely need to visit our team. A cold weather oil viscosity keeps your engine flowing efficiently and effectively. The wrong oil can damage your engine by making it work harder to get its elements moving. Protecting your engine is a vital part of making it through the freezing temperatures of the season.

Schedule your visit with the service team at Beau Townsend Lincoln of Dayton. We'll make sure you have the right fluids and components to navigate the potentially damaging winter conditions successfully. From Your windshield wipers to your brakes and everything in between, your Lincoln will not get neglected this season.

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