At Beau Townsend Lincoln of Dayton, we are proud to offer a wide selection of dependable Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln models. There's always something new that awaits customers in Dayton to check out and even take home with them if they're pleased with what's presented. Best of all, our CPO Lincoln models make for great value and guaranteed performance. Lincoln is committed to quality, and we are confident you will be thrilled with any Certified Pre-Owned model you set your sights on.

Today's vehicle we'll be delving into is the Lincoln MKX, a versatile luxury SUV and a staple from Lincoln's stellar lineup. The design of the Lincoln MKX remains as sleek as its competitors, with the body straying away from the more rigid proportions from SUVs of previous model years. Drivers in Springboro are looking to drive with SUVs that are as sleek as most normal cars, with dependable functionality worth using on the road. This level of performance is consistent throughout Lincoln's lineup. The Lincoln MKX's interior spacing comfortably houses a full family, and there are even LCD screens to help you during the trip, fully compatible with your mobile device.

With all that mentioned, purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln MKX provides a handful of benefits for drivers in Miamisburg:

  • The condition is just like new: While the "pre-owned" description may seem unconvincing at first, certified vehicles are put under check by the dealer and the manufacturer to ensure if they're fit for putting up for sale again while going over any imperfections from a previous use.
  • Repair costs are much lower. Unlike newly released vehicles, you should not have to worry about dealing with vehicle repairs on a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. You actually pay a lot less than you normally would with a vehicle that came fresh from the assembly line.
  • Low mileage means little maintenance needed: The lower the mileage is, the valuable the car remains in terms of performance; so long as a vehicle has not been on the road for far too many trips, a certified pre-owned vehicle does not need to be given maintenance constantly.
  • Drivers in Cincinnati are welcome to stop by our used showcase at Beau Townsend Lincoln of Dayton and choose any of our Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln MKX SUVs for sale, as the benefits of owning one compliment the already fantastic quality they possess.