The 2022 Lincoln Navigator: Sometimes bigger really is better


For generations, the Lincoln DNA has been all about refinement and luxury combined with smooth, controlled power. The 2022 Lincoln Navigator at Beau Townsend Lincoln Dayton embodies that longstanding heritage and amplifies it for today's generation of luxury buyers. The Navigator is Lincoln's largest, most capable SUV. It enhances yoiur everyday lifestyle with generous interior spaciousness made manifest by three comfortable rows of seating.



The newest Navigator is available in three trims: Base, Reserve and Black Label. All three come with the same imposing engine: A twin turbocharged V6 that generates 440 horsepower. The Black Label 4x4 runs with four-wheel-drive while the Reserve and the base model offer both a rear-wheel drive and a four-wheel drive version.  The Black Label 4x4 and the Reserve 4x4 both get up to 20 mpg on highways near Vandalia and Dayton, OH while the base gets 22. 


As mentioned above, all new 2022 Lincoln Navigator models are powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 that puts 440 horsepower at your command. Towing isn't just an afterthought with the Navigator, as demosntrated by the ability to tow up to 8,700 pounds. The ten-speed automatic does a gentlemanly job of moving smoothly through all  gears. Both the standard and the long-wheelbase versions accelerate well on roadways around Wilmington and Greenville, OH.


The interior of the new Navigator at Beau Townsend Lincoln Dayton is unabashedly luxurious. In the higher trim levels, there's open-pore wood accents and sumptuous seating. It's gratifying that the Navigator doesn't confine authentic luxury only to the highest levels. In the base model, for example, Navigator's third row offers more leg room than the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class, and other luxury competitors are even farther behind.

But the highest trim does have its benefits, starting with the available 30-way adjustable massaging seats in front. Comfort in the Navigator Black Label is so refined you can adjust  your individual right and left thigh supports to the exact height you prefer. Cargo space across all models is more than abundant when you fold down the third row. With the longer wheelbase version, there's lots of cargo room even when the third row is being used.  

Infotainment technology

One mark of the Navigator's thoughtful luxury is the 13.2-inch touchscreen. Another is the fact that there are handy USB ports in every row. Wireless smartphone capability for Apple and Android devices comes standard and so does a very entertaining 14-speaker Revel stereo. For a more epic experience you can double the base system with a 28-speaker 3D stereo system that's included in the optional Luxury package. 

Safety technology

The reassuring Co-Pilot360 driver-assistance technology comes standard in even the base-level Lincoln Navigator. The package includes a system to keep an eye on your blind spot and send you an alert if another vehicle is hiding in a spot you can't easily see. Automatic emergency braking can come to the rescue when the system senses a pedestrian too close in front of you or an imminent forward collision that needs to be averted.

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator: For those who prefer their luxury extra-large


Investigate the newest Navigator via our online inventory and when you identify the one you're most attracted to, call us or go online to set up a highly personalized test drive. This kind of luxury at our kind of price makes it well worth the one-hour drive from Cincinnati to Dayton, OH, so we hope you'll make the trip soon to experience the new 2022 Lincoln Navigator in person at Beau Townsend Lincoln Dayton in Vandalia, OH.